São Pedro Glorioso Tugboat



Its main functions are vessel towing operations and cargo and passenger transportation, integrated or segregated 
hydroceanographic surveys (single-beam, multi-beam  Cat A and Cat B, seismic, sonography and oceanography); 
collection of oceanographic and/or environmental data, as well as port support operations in general; nautical 
signage support and can be used as a diving platform. Operations involving assmbly of oil containment barriers, 
support  of dredging services such as dredging plumes, onboard sightings (chelonians and cetaceans) and geotechnical
work with the use of Underwater Hydraulic Drilling Rig (PHS) are also part of its applications. 




Type of vessel: Tugboat

Navigation Area: Interior

Activity/Service: Towing + Port Support
Hull: Steel

Length: 16.0 m

Boca: 5,3 m

Calado: 2,0 m

Arqueação Bruta: 40 ton

Velocidade de navegação: 8 nós

Propulsão: 2 x Dsi 11

Reversora:  4:1

Drinking water capacity: 10,000L

Autonomy: 10 days

Number of crew: 03

Number of Passengers: 10


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