Geotechnical and geological studies and surveys

UMI SAN has a multidisciplinary operational and technical team with expertise in this type of activity. UMI SAN offers various types of geological / geotechnical sampling of soil and rock, as well as characterization and geotechnical laboratory testing, supporting dredging and material removal projects, buildings and foundations, slope stability studies, correlation of geophysical methods, amongst other activities that employ geotechnics.

Field Surveys:


Laboratory Testings

After collection and storage, the samples are transported to laboratories of partners, where testings can be performed, following all national standards procedures.



Offsore Survey

UMI SAN has equipment for onshore and offshore surveys. Floating barges allows geotechnical surveys in sheltered places, without the action of waves. Where there is wave action, UMI SAN has one self-elevated platforms (jack-up)



UMI SAN has a vessel equipped with a Vibracore System and pipes with 1” to 4” diameters and specially adapted with a moon pool.



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