Nautical Signaling and Maritime Operations


UMI SAN has extensive experience in designing and implementing navigation systems, according to the needs of transport and hydrographic and the oceanographic conditions of the routes, as well as studies of maneuvering ships, seeking adaptation to the reality of hydrographic conditions of access channels and evolution basins.

Some of the services provided are studies and projects aiming at the establishment of waterways and inland waterways, such as access channels, evolution basins and inland waterways, using all available standards such as PIANC, ABNT, NORMAN-17, amongst others.

Diving Activities

UMI SAN has a diving team trained for the performance of services such as:


umi_divingIn the nautical signaling activities such as in the deployment of buoys the employment of divers is essential and necessary for the periodic inspection of the underwater anchoring systems and external cleaning of light signals.

Also in the activities of Rockfill Monitoring the follow up inspection by the diving team is key to the quick assessment of the material already released. Through underwater inspections it can identify open areas between rocks, perform window marking by means of rope tied buoys and estimate depth gauge of released material.

Furthermore in activities of rock removal, the support of the diving team is fundamental. Divers are responsible for positioning the curtain of bubbles; inspection of the seabed near the drill in order to assess the site plan to be installed over the explosive, as well as to perform the removal of materials such as drill bits, rods and detonation material that may be loose near the drill, and might compromise the operation.

Nautical Signage

UMI SAN provides innovative and technically efficient solutions from design, manufacturing, to maintenance and operation of navigation route beacons and nautical signal systems, such as floating and articulated buoys, beacons and lighthouses.

We also offer a new technology in nautical signaling:

The Articulated Submersible Buoy.

Equipped with LED lights, compact batteries and solar chargers, it combines the advantages of a fixed structure like a small lighthouse with a flexible and easy installation of a floating buoy.





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