PUBLICADA 04 de April de 2019
POR Umi San

UMI SAN acts in Bathymetric Survey in Sobradinho

UMI SAN is performing Bathymetric Survey Single Beam in the Hydroelectric Reservoir in Sobradinho – BA with vessels acting simultaneously. There are more than 55,000 linear km, more than enough to go around the earth on the equator (~ 40,000 km).

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As curiosity, despite of Sobradinho being a reservoir, its enormous size allows the winds to act in the formation of waves which exceed 2 m in height at certain times. Besides that, the region is quite adverse with constant turns of weather, strong winds and enough vegetation on the surface of the water.

The challenges are many, and Umi San is winning all of them thanks to the competence of the team directly and 
indirectly involved, brave zulus that with commitment are guaranteeing the success of the project.


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