PUBLICADA 18 de April de 2019
POR Umi San

Installation of ADCPs in São Marcos Bay

UMI SAN was the first company to be able to install ADCPs based at Pier IV (São Luis-MA) and to obtain quality data, while other companies that tried had the equipment buried and/or lost due to the high speed of current and burial by waves of sand.

Seven ADCPs were implanted (3 in Pier IV and 4 in Ilha do Medo), with current and wave data measurement for twelve months at a location with currents reaching 3.5 meters per second, as well as mobile sand waves with 6 meters of height, and tidal amplitude with 6.5 meters.

Due to the complexity of the region, we designed a structure with 7.5 meters high and sufficient deadweight to support
the structure and the critical conditions of the Bay of San Marcos. 
To size the structure, we applied our knowledge in oceanography, mechanical engineering and naval, achieving success.

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The acquisition of this data, besides other information collected during the project, subsidized the construction of the
new physical and numerical model of the Maritime Terminal of Ponta da Madeira, adding the Pier 4 North and South, 
in order to evaluate the entry of the two new Valemax vessels and the influence on Pier IV structures and other 
adjacent structures.
Our sincere thanks to the company VALE, for the confidence and opportunity granted to apply the knowledge of 
UMI SAN in this great project.

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