PUBLICADA 05 de April de 2019
POR Umi San

The Importance of Maintenance of Nautical Signals

Did you know?

Created by the Maritime Authority, Normam-17 seeks to establish standards, procedures and instructions on 
navigation aids, for application in Brazilian Jurisdictional Waters.
In it are instructions to be followed for the maintenance and control of the beaconing . A maintenance routine 
should be followed, with deadlines established for each activity, such as:
UMI SAN is concerned not only to follow the instructions of the Maritime Authorities, but also to ensure safe 
navigation and, consequently, to ensure the safety of the people involved and to care for the environment, 
avoiding possible accidents.



In cases of degradation, that are measured by the “Efficiency Index”, entail risks to the safety of navigation, human life at sea or to the pollution of waterways, agents of the Maritime Authority may propose to the Naval District Command of the area the recomendation of caution, the establishment of operational restrictions or even the banning of navigation/access channels and evolution basins of a port or terminal.

The Efficiency Index is a merit figure recommended by IALA and adopted by Brazil, used as a parameter to evaluate the speed in the reestablishment of the navigation aids in the existing beaconings in Brazilian Jurisdictional Waters.



Contribute to the degradation of the quality of maintenance of a beacon and therefore reduce its Efficiency Index, the following factors:


The lack of maintenance also significantly increases the risk of a float breaking. Once it breaks, there may occur, 
among other things:

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