UMI SAN offers environmental services, given the synergy of resources and professionals of these activities with the others already performed by us during dredging, thus integrating all actions.

Main services:

  • Suspended Solids Concentration (CSS) monitoring in the marine disposition area region.
  • Turbidity boom monitoring.
  • Integrated monitoring of sediments in the area of influence of the port.
  • Characterization of bottom types of the disposal and/or dredging area.
  • Preparation of dredging and disposal plan.
  • On-board inspection program.
  • Bathymetric monitoring of the dredging and dumping area.
  • Environmental licensing.
  • Conditioning management.
  • Socioeconomic monitoring.
  • Oceanographic studies and coastal management.
  • Solid Waste Management Plan.
  • Environmental Research and remediation.
  • Public hearings.
  • Environmental monitoring of effluents, inland, coastal and marine waters.
  • Environmental impact studies (EIA / RIMA) and the like.
  • Study of the physical environment – water resources, geology, geomorphology and soils.
  • Study of the biotic environment-fauna and flora (terrestrial and marine ecosystem).
  • Socio-economic environment-environmental education, social communication and archaeology.


Monitoramento de condicionantes ambientais e comunicação social para atividade de dragagem. Cliente: DNIT

Acompanhamento a bordo da atividade de dragagem no Porto de Vitória, monitoramento overflow, despejo correto no bota fora e outras condicionantes.-Cliente-CODESA

Monitoramento de pluma de sedimentos proveniente de dragagem na Portocel. Cliente: Portocel


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