UMI SAN is a Brazilian company, founded in 1999 by Commander Airton Rodrigues, based on all the experience acquired throughout his career in the Brazilian Navy. For more than two decades, we have been operating activities that contribute to the development of shipping and port projects not only in Espírito Santo, but throughout the country, strengthening the Brazilian economy and maritime power.

Our name comes from the junction of the word UMI, which means “sea”, in Japanese,
the acronym SAN, in reference to ”navigation support services”, in Portuguese.

Advantages we offer to our customers

One Stop Shop Concept
We provide several services that can be closed in a single contract, generating savings, integration and better results to customers.

Highly skilled team
Our technical staff consists of professionals constantly trained in the technical areas and in project management.

Own equipment and vessels
We have our own machinery, which allows us to maintain a strict quality control, with maintenance always up to date.

National performance
Our teams are spread across the country, and we have great mobility of employees, ensuring efficient operation throughout the Brazilian territory.

Solutions according to each project
With integrated action, we have the know-how to carry out previous evaluations and offer the ideal solution for each client.

Customer-proven quality
The reliability of our services and results is proven by our extensive technical collection and the partnership relationship with our customers.

Partnerships with experts
In order to offer integrated solutions and a wide range of services, we count on the partnership of naval engineering companies, specialized laboratories, research institutions and consultants with extensive experience.


Some of the clients we have served over our years of operation.


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