Product developed and patented by UMI SAN, which combines the advantages of a fixed structure such as that of a beacon, with the flexibility of a floating buoy and the possibility of submersion to optimize operations. They can also be equipped with LED flashlights( LED light), compact batteries, solar panels and remote communication modules.

Main advantages:

  • Reduction in dredging volume by eliminating the need for over-dredging areas on both banks out of the channel effectively used to compensate for normal drift on a floating buoy.
  • Reduced environmental impact due to dredging. By reducing the over-dredging area, the interference area at the bottom is also reduced.
  • Reduction of the environmental risk caused by shipwreck motivated or potentiated by uncertainty of the limits of safe navigation on the waterway.
  • Greater accuracy in the position of the BAS, as it behaves like a beacon.
  • Greater conspicuity of the signal due to the higher height of the BAS, which can be up to three times higher than the height of a floating buoy.
  • Greater geographical range of the BAS, due to the greater height above water level.
  • Greater accuracy in the delimitation of the channel margins, since rod, float and grapnel form a rigid set. Therefore, the visible part of the signal (flashlight, rod, radar reflector, service platform and top mark) is in the same geographical position as the grapnel (Channel margin).
  • Possibility of using BAS as lateral alignment with double gates, eliminating the need for central alignment beacons and allowing to establish alignment in extensive rectilinear channel.
  • Lower maintenance cost, since a small area is on the water line, where the greatest corrosion occurs.
  • Use of BAS as a “transmission tower” for installation of meteoceanographic data transmitters.



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